JESUSlive 2022/2023

RISE – a new generation stands up

Do you know this? Are you driven by the expectations of yourself and your fellow human beings? Do you also know the fear of failure and the attempt to manage everything on your own, or do you also have doubts that you encounter again and again in everyday life?
Maybe you know this state in which everything feels the same. The Bible also says that we humans were trapped in darkness with no prospect of salvation GOOD NEWS: It didn’t stop there.
God became man. Jesus died for us and redeemed us from all guilt. In doing so, he gives us the opportunity to no longer be separated from God and to come out of darkness into light.

Jesus chose you. Jesus has saved you. Jesus has called you.
But not you alone. You are part of a great whole, you are part of a generation.
We are a generation chosen by God and called from darkness into light.
We are a generation that knows the truth and its value.
We are a generation that lets the Holy Spirit guide its actions and thoughts.
We are a generation that calls others through Jesus from darkness to a life in God’s light.
We are a generation that rises up.

Are you ready to rise up? Are you ready to shine brighter than before? Are you ready to go further and be changed further? Then be part of a generation that rises – see you at JESUSlive 2022/2023.