You have a question about registration or want to know how you can get involved in JESUSlive? Under the registration section you will find our FAQ and a description of all the teams involved in JESUSlive.

You can register for JESUSlive until 15.12.2024. Please note that the price will increase from 30.09. and 18.11. onwards.
The special ticket incl. T-shirt can only be booked until 03.11.

If you have it on your heart to help people, who can’t afford the conference fee (completly), feel free to give to Activate Network e.V: DE50 8505 0300 0221 1684 19 with the reason for payment “JESUSlive Support”.


Participants who are not yet 18 years old at JESUSlive need the consent of their parents to be present at the conference and the parents must appoint a guardian for the time. This person is our first point of contact if, for example, there is a health problem with the participant. The guardian must also be informed if you want to leave the premises.

Just ask a person over 18 who is also a member of JESUSlive. This could be your youth leader, for example. If you come to JESUSlive alone or don’t know anyone who is 18 or older, please contact us at

You can upload the completed consent form directly during registration. Alternatively, you can send us the consent form by email to or by letter to Activate Network e.V. Schandauer Straße 60 01277 Dresden.

We have had a conference t-shirt for a number of years. For various reasons, you will NOT be able to buy the t-shirt at the conference this year. However, you have the option to purchase the t-shirt as part of your conference registration.

If you are part of our organising team or team leader you will receive a discount on JESUSlive.

There are many ways to get involved with JESUSlive. You can have a look at the short introduction of all teams below and then sign up for one of the teams in the registration. If you would like to support the conference in advance and, for example, lead a team or an area, then please contact us at

Ask in your youth group or church. They often support their young people with the costs of participation. If you still can’t afford it, get in touch with us ( and we can find a solution together.

The JESUSlive conference will take place at the St.-Benno-Gymnasium in Dresden. The address is Pillnitzer Straße 39 01069 Dresden.

This year you can only book your conference T-shirt during Early Bird as part of the special ticket until 12.11.2023. You will receive your t-shirt at the conference check-in.

Participation in JESUSlive has already been funded for various people through Education and Participation. We are happy to confirm participation in the conference.


Conference Feeling in concrete terms: rearranging and clearing out the St. Benno-Gymnasium Dresden. Decoration, technology, furniture … everything is being set up. Anticipation! You will be needed mainly on 27 December and 28 December in the morning.

Many hands quick end: The St. Benno-Gymnasium Dresden is being cleared out again. Dismantling decorations, packing technology, rearranging furniture and cleaning up. We need a lot of helping hands here on 1 January!

All information 15 minutes earlier: display presentations, lyrics and films during sermons, sessions and worship. We need exactly you for this important task!

You are a skilled craftsman and want to build the stage decoration with us or have an eye for design and want to build a unique stage together with our lighting technology team? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Feeding the 500(0): Good food shall not be lacking and without your hands neither bread will be broken nor fish distributed. Food doesn’t always fly like manna from heaven, so we need you! Also, provide drinks and keep the dining room tidy. The participants will be thrilled – I promise!

Only at home is nicer: Support the team in making the St. Benno-Gymnasium Dresden cosy and suitable for conferences. Decorate individual rooms, the hall, the dining room and whatever else your team can think of. You will be needed mainly on 27 December and 28 December in the morning.

If you like to do handicrafts or are good with your hands and want to tinker, saw, paint or weld with decorations in the run-up, you are also perfect here.

Rescuer in distress: In case of accidents and injuries, an experienced first aider is needed who can take care of the person professionally. If you have experience in this field, then enrich this team!

Memories for eternity and the best pictures for Instagram: Capturing the atmosphere and capturing beautiful moments. We are looking for experienced photographers and videographers with their own equipment. Previous knowledge of image editing (e.g. Photoshop) is welcome.

God’s interlocutor: Taking time early in the team to listen to God about what he wants to do and speak. Pray for and with participants as they come forward during calls during sessions. Create a place in the prayer room where participants can rest in God’s presence, hear from him and talk to him. In short, to do everything possible to promote communication between us and God.

Not only to go: the coffee and tea counter is a much sought-after place by all conference participants. Because there’s a bit of cosiness there! The tasks of the coffee team are: Prepare, provide and put away hot drinks.

Just like on TV – Stand behind the camera and record the sermons and other highlights.

You love to connect with people and get to know God together with a small group of people and talk about the prepared questions. Don’t worry, you don’t have to make up a topic out of thin air. We prepare lots of material for the small group leaders and you can simply use the material to create your perfect small group time.

Spot on: Enriching the stage programme with light and fog and learning a lot about what it means to give glory to God with technology.

orship is about honouring God with our music. We have a conference band that prepares several months in advance to lead us in worship. Therefore, it is not possible to sign up for the worship team through registration.
If you are interested in serving on our worship team in the future, please be sure to let us know in an email to!
Sometimes there is still a need for individual instruments for the current year. Our band director will contact you in any case and give you feedback about your possibilities for the current or next conference.

We offer you the opportunity to take the depth, the community and the atmosphere of JESUSlive home with you. Through our mentoring programme, you will have a mentor who will accompany you for a few weeks in the new year, keeping in touch with you and deepening the themes of JESUSlive with you. If you would like to consciously integrate JESUSlive into your everyday life beyond the conference, then send an email with your contact details to
If it appeals to you to accompany young people in their growth in faith and to support them in this, then you can become part of our team. In addition to your contact details, please indicate in the email above that you would like to be a mentor, or simply tick the box “Volunteer” when you register.

No animator wanted: … but a motivational team! Take care of the staff at the conference. A friendly smile, an honest enquiry and a lovingly furnished team leader room full of snacks, drinks and rest facilities are incredibly motivating! Your work significantly defines the conference.
You help with the set-up and dismantling so that the employees are full and can prepare and follow up the conference full of energy.

Busy bees: Keeping the house tidy and leading small groups to clean the house. Setting chairs and going into areas of the house where no one goes. Here you are part of a team that contributes decisively to the atmosphere of the conference! This is what makes teamwork fun!

You want to have that conference feeling in November and help design the Conference Guide, among other things. Then this is the right place for you. Previous knowledge of InDesign is important here.

Right from the start: Welcoming participants, checking in and being the contact person. Know the answer to all questions or at least know someone who does. Being the lynchpin of communication between the different conference teams. A really brilliant job!

Doorman deluxe: Ensuring security and order for the house and participants. Clear communication and keeping an eye on everything are among the skills of this team. You make sure that the house rules are observed and take over security rounds during the events.

Are you a born influencer? You want to shine in social media in preparation for the JESUSlive conference or create the best stories during JESUSlive. Then our social media team is the perfect place for you.

Voice of the nation: Help set up the technology and maintain it during the conference. Mix sound and make the conference an unforgettable acoustic experience!

Moving 2.0: Many things have to be transported from different places to St. Benno-Gymnasium and brought back afterwards. You want to be there for the whole conference and still help out. Then this is your opportunity to lend a hand before the start (27 and 28 December) and after the end (1 January) of the conference. – Your own car is an advantage but not necessary.

Next Hollywood star or director wanted. You want to shoot or edit videos during the preparation. You want to edit the best moments during the conference or make a best of after the conference. Then you are perfect here.